Soldering Pro Dual-handle Lead-free Soldering Station, Suitable for JBC C210 C245 Soldering Iron Kit 2.5S Fast Heating Station

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Plug: 110V US Plug
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Expected Delivery Time: By Dec 17, 2021

- Soldering pro lead-free double handle soldering station without any

Tips for jbc c210 c245 handle tips, xsoldering pro 200w professional solder holder with 2.5S heating soldering system for jbc 210 245 soldering iron tips, phones quick maintenance tools.

- Soldering pro quick welding support set heating iron for jbc 210 245 soldering handle

Package Included:

1 x Double Handle Lead-free Soldering Station


- Does not include any iron tip.

- Only the host with 2 handles and the power cables.

- We will send you a plug adapter according to your country. You can also leave a message to tell us the plug you.

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