HoldPeak HP-990B Digital Multimeter SMD Tester Resistance Capacitance Meters Diode Test Professional SMT Component Tester

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- HP-990A/B/C is a handheld and battery operated very convenient small Tool, that is specially used to measuring SMD(Surface Mounting Device),there are resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Zener and LED.
- HP-990A/B/C is designed to meet IEC1010-1 standard and Stipulation of 2-Pollution Grade.
- HP-990A/B/C conform to the European Union's following Requirement:CE regulation 89/336 (EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility).
- The entire outer surface of the Meter case has been with thermo plastic elastomer, and the two testing pins has been gold-plated, so that it is reduce pin contact resistance and prevent to get rusty.
- HP-990A have the continuity checking function,MAX DC 36V Measurement.
- HP-990B/C have the continuity checking function,battery power Measurement.

990A-General Feature:
● 2999 count LCD display.
● Full automatic measurement:
Auto scanning the Resistance/Capacitance/ Dilde.
● Function selection by one "FUNC" Push Button
● Data Hold function
● Continuity Checking function
● Zenger diode Test
● LED Test
● DC 36V (MAX) Test
●Specialized SMD TEST or TEST DIP Component with leades.
●Resistance: 300Ω~30MΩ
●Capacitance: 3nF~300mF

990B-990C General Feature:
●3999(only 990B)5999(only 990C) count LCD display.
●Auto ranges.
●Over-rang indication display "OL"
●Zener diode Test
●LED Test
●Battery Power Test
●Specialized SMD TEST or TEST DIP Component with leade.
● Low Batteery Indication
●Resistance: 400Ω~40MΩ(only 990B) / 600Ω~60MΩ(only 990C)
●Capacitance: 4nF~200µF(only 990B) / 9.999nF~99.99mF(only 990C)


Power Supply: 1.5V(AAA)×2 Battery (Not included)
Operating temperature &Humidity:0-40'C(32-104 'F ) &<80%RH
Storage temperature & Humidity:-10-50
perating temperature &Humidity:0-40'C(32-104'F) &<80%RH
Safety Class:IEC1010-1,CAT II
Auto Power OFF:lf the Meter is idle for more than 15 minutes,the Meter
automatically tums the power off.
EMC:According to CE regulation 89/336.
Dimension(L×W×H) & Weight: 207*36*24mm,Approx.50g

Package Includes:

1 x SMD Tester(batteries not included)
1 x Carring box
2 x Test pin
1 x Pair of test leads
1 x English user manual

Detials Pictures:

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