Adjustable PCB Holder Magnetic Flexible Arm Soldering Iron Stand Third Hand Soldering Helping Hand Tool

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1. Easily flip printed boards (PCB's) 360 degrees. Allows you to work both sides of the board with ease.Rubber feet of the base ensure stability.
2. Perfect for large boards and small boards. It can be moved, and the pitch between 0-120mm/0-4.72" can be changed.Can accomodate boards up to 120mm/4.72" wide.
3. Flexible Arms,each arm has a 360-degree precision alligator chuck that grabs your work and releases your hands for more efficient work.
4. Perfect for computer boards/ jewelry makers/ arts crafts hobbyists/welding rework,it can be used universally.


Base Material: Iron
Base Size: 25 x 11.5 cm
Universal joint pipe length: 310mm
Packing weight: 1.56kg

Package included:

1 x Iron Base
1 x PCB Board Holder

Detail Pictures:

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