80W Electric Solder Iron Station Adjustable Temperature 180-480℃/392-896℉ Auto Sleeping 110V/ US/ Plug Option

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Plug: 110V US Plug
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  • Brand: DANIU
  • Plug Type: US plug only
  • Power: Others
  • Voltage: 110V - 130V
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    ① Auto Sleeping Mode: It will automatically enter sleeping unheated mode after 5 minutes and show OFF.
     Adjustable Temperature: Set the desired value to meet your soldering needs. 
    ③ Heats Up Fast: With quick heat-up and fast thermal recovery. 180~480℃/392-896℉ for using with constant temperature.
    ④ LCD Display: LCD digital display to show the temperature clearly.
    ⑤ Comes with Sheath: Thermal insulation protection. 
     New Design: Latest heat dissipation handle design, comfortable hand feeling for long term use, patent tail handle line pressing design is more secure to solder.
    ⑦ Plug-pull Tip Design: The circuit board is double-sided gold plated. Easy to install and replace the tips, time-saving and efficient.

    Name: BIGDOG MT883 Digital Sleeping Electric Soldering Iron
    Type: Constant Temperature 
    Output Power: 80W
    Soldering Tip: 900M Series Tips
    Breakdown Voltage: More Than 1200V
    Color: Black + Grey
    Net Weight: 130g
    Application: DIY Soldering & Electrical Maintenance

    Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output Power: 80W
    Plug: 110V US Plug / 220V EU Plug / 230V UK Plug
    Adjustable temperature: 180-480℃ 392-896℉
    Sleeping Mode: Hand-Induced Start
    Temperature Calibration: Error less than ±3℃
    Heating Core: Ceramic Heating Core
    Tinning Time: 25-30s
    Cable Length: 150cm
    Warm tips:
    1. Waiting for 30-35s to r each 320℃ after plugging in the power. Instantly point flux on the soldering tip, and then point environmental tin wire.
    2. When not in use, keep the tin wire h anging on the soldering iron tip, and then unplug the power supply.
    3. Store in a ventilated and dry place.
    4. If there is no tin on the soldering iron tip, please gently h ang the oxide on the head of the soldering iron with small sandpaper and blade.

    Package Included:

    1 x  80W Electric Solder Iron 
    US PLUG for Option~

    1 x Gift Box

    Detail Pictures:

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